A VC Perspective - How Help Desk Industry Can Benefit By Adopting AI

By Anjli Jain on 27 April 2018

As per a report, “By 2020, 85% of all customer service interactions will be handled without the need for a human agent.” Exceeding user expectations and the need of lowering down the customer abandonment rates are among some of the top reasons behind the adaptation of AI by organizations worldwide.

With the evolvement of AI abilities, chatbots can be used to help the end customers with their day-to-day queries. Pre-recorded database and the pre-solved tickets can help chatbots understand problems of the customer and eventually, solve them in an appropriate and desired manner. This means humans can utilize their time in more useful tasks and leave the rest for AI bots to handle.

BlackBeltHelp, a global leader in the HigherEd space funded by EVC Ventures, believes in automated and advanced IT Help Desk support. Our portfolio, BlackBeltHelp deals in many different areas such as student admissions & enrollments, student retention, financial aid, etc. With the inclusion of AI in help desk industry, they are alleviating the long and tiring yet not-so-fruitful deals with ease and without any human interventions.

Let’s take a look at 3 areas where the inclusion of AI can serve the help desk industry.

- Aiding Tier1 Help Desk: When the help desk is under human command, the repetitive tasks like, asking a customer to change the passwords or reboot a system can take a lot of time and effort. However, if one questions the nature of such problems, it will just fall under a recurring and an unvarying process bucket. Henceforth, the substitution of human assistance with AI bots can be more befitting here. AI bots can seek references from an already recorded database and help the customers without having to open multiple documents and thus complete the process with ease.

- Utilizing Manpower Wisely: For any organization, the right utilization of the manpower is of utmost importance. No manager would like to see 10 employees doing a single job which can be handled by an AI bot alone. For example, in an organization, there are employees handling the ticketing process to solve issues raised. Such tasks can be done by the AI bots single-handedly and thus result in reduced TAT and increased efficiency. Are you deploying AI here?

- Planning Ahead Your Human Resources: Planning the future holds a great importance for any company. But how will one know their manpower needs in days to come? How many users will get connected to the business with time? An AI-enabled help desk is the answer. By following the existing patterns, AI can help in predicting the outages and the staffing requirements for the influx, thereby helping the service desk industry to set futuristic goals.

The Bottom Line Is

Where the tech giants like Apple and Tesla are rolling out products, inclusive of all the improved and ground-breaking technologies, there are many who are still sitting in the dark, when it comes to such tech advancements. Having said that, it will be good to see the flourished introduction of advanced AI methodologies in the help desk industry at a global level.

All we can do is wait for the AI-powered era,
where errors are negligible and the
advancements are promising. Change is the
only constant, isn't it?

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