Unifyed Mobile Applets- Strengthening Academic Outcomes

By Anjli Jain on 28th Sep 2018

Engagement is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects for any institution and every institution indulges in diverse techniques to increase the same. However, what matters is how those adopted technologies are helping the students to grow in their learning curves. There are many studies that show that the most important factors that help in uplifting student engagement are student’s own characteristics and the provision of institutional resources. Engaged students showcase positive outcomes when it comes to their learning experience along with the regular attendance. Eventually, it leads to increased graduation rates and bright future employment possibilities for the students.

In the era, where technology has empowered each and every sector, it is imperative for the institutions to include technology in their education system to add value to the learning outcomes. Unifyed comes across as one of the acclaimed examples among platforms which provide educational institutions with numerous services to enhance their student engagement. Backed by EVC Ventures, Unifyed is a leading EdTech organization that provides different applets to engage students, faculty, alumni, and staff members and eventually, enhancing their overall on-campus experience. With the help of different applications, Unifyed strives towards helping institutions build a thorough mobile experience for the institution and its entities. It can be used for uplifting recruitment rates, improving retention, and simplifying other complex operations and objectives.

Let’s take a look at some of the services Unifyed applets has to offer:

- Classroom Emergency App - An instant alert app that is designed to provide the faculty members with the power to send an alert to all the on-site/on-call technicians to work towards resolving classroom issues in the given time. This app helps in raising emergency tickets and enables admins to verify the status of the request. Not only this, institutions can also modify their dashboard according to the needs and set priorities.

- Classroom Availability App - Helps in managing the classroom spaces in an organized manner. Eventually, this helps in saving time as locating available rooms become easier than ever. This app works on user-defined filters, enabling them to locate the building and rooms with ease, further helping them to determine the room inventory and the required course requirements. Enablement of intuitive UI interface that comes up with an interactive drop-down menu helps in providing accurate and the real-time results without any confusion.

- Financial Aid App - Helps digitize the traditional tiring financial aid process to automate the process of application, verification and the final provision/allotment of financial aid. This does not include any manual process for students as well as institutions, resulting in building rapid student engagement. Also, the students can check the eligibility criteria of the institution and check the real-time status of their current financial aid application.

- Unifyed Registration - An app built for students to choose and enroll for a classroom without any hassle and along with the provision of online fee payment. This enables students to add/drop a class as per their course and interest without strolling around the campus over and over again. This also helps in submitting offline applications. In this way, the students are not anymore dependent on physical visits. They do not have to go to any department and can check the status of their application.

- Unifyed Finance - Uplifts student services with a digitized and web-friendly solution for the staff to manage all the student finances and pass on the sought information without any hassle.

Apart from these applets, there are other apps as well that work towards providing students and institutional assets like Food Ordering, Wallet, Books, Campus Safety, LMS Module, Academics, etc.

The Bottom Line Is

Institutions must look at the overall behavior, emotional, and cognitive environment when it comes to outlining strategic goals for better student engagement. Serving the same, Unifyed applets help students to make the most of the everyday evolving technologies. It defines and streamlines actions and activities like how a student would like to get certain notifications or pay the college fees. Not only this, Unifyed applets also provide students with a well-structured on campus environment, where they can boost up their learning experience and grow not only academically but as an individual too. Have you tried Unifyed applets yet?

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