Unifyed Transforming Student Engagement Using Mobile Apps

By Anjli Jain on 12 Mar 2018

The mobile technology exists to facilitate engagement and learning. It promotes significant growth for both the institution and students. With the rise in mobile applications, it has become clear that higher ed is embracing the new way of teaching and learning through mobile technology, creating a dynamic change in how students are utilizing their phones for academic services today.

For the young learners, it comes in easy and handy as they always have their phones on the go, unlike desktops computers. Statistics show that they are more accustomed to their mobile devices for various uses. Looking at the rate of mobile usage, it has become imperative for the universities and colleges to apply the same methodology in creating a more engaged and evolved environment which meets the dynamics of the higher education industry and enterprise IT.

How adopting mobile apps help boost student engagement?

Adopting student engagement applications with cross-browser compatibility features has helped boost student engagement for many institutions.

Funded by EVC Ventures, Unifyed has its own ready-to-roll apps such as Campus Safety, Attendance, Financial Aid, Give To, Registration, Academics, Books, LMS etc., which increases student engagement, solves identity-related challenges and builds a meaningful yet personalized relationship with the students, guiding them across the entire student journey, which in itself is important for student engagement.

How Unifyed Uses Mobile Apps To Enhance Learning Experience?

Unifyed has helped many institutions achieve a higher rate of student engagement through its wide range of applets by engaging prospects, students, faculty, staff & alumni, creating a complete campus community mobile experience. Many institutions such as Lincoln University, University of Arkansas, Coconino Community College, Meridian Community College etc., use it to accelerate recruitment, improve retention, engage alumni.

Unifyed has a wide range of applets. These applets are tools used for various purposes and include apps such as:

1) Classroom Emergency
2) Classroom Availability
3) Attendance Tracker
4) Financial Aid
5) Food Ordering
6) Help Chat
7) Registration
8) Finance
9) Books
10) Wallet
11) Campus Safety
12) Unifyed Academics
13) LMS Module
14) Jobs etc.

All these apps are facilitating a unified and seamless user experience in web, mobile web and mobile and are compatible with all browsers as well as the mobile environment. Now students can access these apps on the go and reduce the time they would otherwise spend on researching, looking for answers, checking for availability and failing to follow their course.

The Bottom Line Is

Mobile applets are a must-have if the higher education institutions want to grow rapidly and excel in what they offer to their students. It drives two-way engagement and empowers a lifestyle of immediacy, increasing efficiency and capabilities of the students. To know more about these ready-to-roll applets click here: http://www.unifyed.com/student-engagement-apps-provider/

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