Unifyed Microservices - Transforming Student Engagement

By Jay Khan on 17 Nov 2018

As an institution, you want to build the best architecture possible for your IT infrastructure that can help you make changes at any given point in time. But for years, many of them went through a challenging phase using monolithic architecture which did not allow them to modify even a small section of an application. The main problem with this architecture was that all the change cycles were usually tied together as a single, autonomous unit and couldn’t be tweaked without changing the entire version.

With technology and digital transformation on the rise, many industries including higher education chose a new architecture supporting large-scale online services that formed a range of platforms and devices across web, mobile and IoT. Microservices, as the name suggests, is an architecture which is broken down into multiple components so that each service can be deployed, tweaked and then redeployed independently without affecting the integrity of the applications. This breakthrough technology helped several industries to develop and build individual blocks which had specific purpose and could be later combined and formed into a solution or create new channels of services.

EVC Ventures, as a venture capital fund focused on technological advancements, noticed how both these architectures could affect and impact the growth of higher education institutions along with the success of their students. Aiming at building a new and uber-friendly environment, EVC Ventures helped Unifyed, a leading EdTech company, build an exclusive microservices platform to keep up with the demands of the future.

Your Success In Your Hands

Student engagement is core for an institution to succeed. One cannot do that unless they have the latest technology to support all kinds of changes taking place in the world every single day. Unifyed Microservices architecture helps higher education institutions to boost their environment by using certain characteristics built on agile technology and techniques, helping universities and colleges improve user performance and student engagement.

Microservices has brought a big change in how next generation platforms would work. They will be fast with many new features like connect and messaging on the go. Unifyed Microservices architecture has been developed considering these changes to help and reduce dependencies which the IT department may have if they were still running on a monolithic architecture.

Unifyed Microservices provides institutions with the independence to make changes whenever they need to enhance and provide a seamless experience to their students promoting a faster development, testing and deployment cycles. It offers scalability, flexibility and has a greater reliability in building and maintaining its services. The best part is, it has been developed using a fault tolerant design where failures can be contained, replacements can be done easily meeting your institutions high standards & SLA criteria.

The Bottom Line Is

It is important for institutions to take a good look at the fast-changing digital market and technological mesh. They need to ask the right questions at the right time to develop the required modules such as, how will they be able to provide a coherent user experience if they have a ton of applications and networks at hand but nothing to engage all the information it includes? Keeping this in mind, Unifyed Microservices architecture has been developed in a specific way for institutions to benefit from, with its fast deployment time and more reliability on the applications. Unifyed services more than 20 million end users today and has recently been selected by 30,000 education institutions as an engagement platform.