Transforming Student Experience With One-Stop Student Services

By Anjli Jain on 22 May 2018

We are living in an era where one-stop services are no longer considered as a luxury, they have become a requisite instead. Imagine yourself looking for a car repair service, how would you feel if you’ll have to go to different service stations to get different parts of your car repaired? I know you are already bending out of shape. Now, picture the faces of students roving here and there, trying to find answers to their questions, ending up with nothing but a bummer! An affair of concern, right?

Did you know that 72% of students leave a college/university because of poor customer services? Well, yes, it’s true! Where many universities and colleges are facing student retention problems, reasons like lack of support and proper guidance must be considered with diligence.

Not just student retention, other problems like student run-around, service duplication, inconsistency in the delivery of specific services, and other complex needs of the students must be addressed in the best possible way. This is where one-stop student services come into play. Instead of battling with these setbacks, incorporation of one-stop services can help HigherEd institutions solve a lot of student-centric problems.

Keeping this in mind, EVC Ventures funded BlackBeltHelp, a leading EdTech venture, who believes in automated and advanced IT Help Desk support. BlackBeltHelp deals in different areas such as student admissions & enrollments, student retention, financial aid, etc. With the inclusion of AI in help desk industry, they are alleviating the long and tiring yet not-so-favorable way outs with ease and without any human interventions.

Benefits of Including One-stop Student Services

Reduced Run-around - With the help of one-stop services, all the necessary information is available at a single location, ensuring reduced waiting time. Along with that, students don't have to wait in long lines or run from one place to another for different tasks. They get the resolution to all their problems at a single place.

Utilizing Manpower - With the inclusion of one-stop services, overburdened staff can be employed to take over other significant tasks. Henceforth, effective utilization of human resources becomes achievable.

Better Communication Flow - One-stop services help in the streamlined flow of communication. Every student is introduced to a single point of contact to get the sought information. This ensures fewer response deviations and concordant flow of information.

Enhanced Flow of Information - One-stop services allow a cross-departmental flow of data and information. Student advisors are able to work on serving students in a holistic manner, ensuring the provision of wide-range of solutions and services at a single place.

Elevating Student Satisfaction Rates - With one-stop solutions, staff members can work on improving student satisfaction rates. Institutions can define the benchmarks as per the students' needs, thereby, ensuring student advisors to shape their approach accordingly.

The Bottom Line Is

Where upsetting retention rates are making headlines every day, shaking hands with the best plausible one-stop solutions seems like the best buy. As per a latest college completion trend, only 54.8% of the students finish their higher education, while others choose to drop out. Such stats and trends are indeed worrisome. Finding solutions like one-stop services to alter these torments come out to be of utmost priority in today’s student-centric education sector. Have you tried out BlackBeltHelp's one-stop HigherEd services yet?

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