Top 5 Help Desk Technologies Transforming Student Life

By Jay Khan on 29 Aug 2018

No matter how organized your institution is, it is often the case that all universities and colleges go through tremendous challenges to maintain the reputation they have gained through years of hard work. Well, it may seem simple, but to be honest, it is not easy to maintain such respect in these changing times. It is an institution’s pride to become a student's dream college and be their goal and vision.

Every college and university go through incessant buzzing of phones, numerous emails and chat queries, signifying how important and major a role does help desk support play in an accessible and trustworthy campus life. EVC Ventures noticed these problems faced by institutions globally and supported Blackbelthelp, a global leader in the Higher Ed space to create the best of all age technologies which can and is transforming the IT Help Desk Industry.

Keeping in mind what students and faculty go through, Blackbelthelp built top custom-made unique technologies to solve and resolve all technical problems available with round-the-clock support. Here are the top 5 IT Help Desk technologies that can change the face of education:

1) Artificial Intelligence for IT: Artificial intelligence as smart as it could be, addresses the challenges in IT support within seconds resulting in high level of engagement and student satisfaction rate. This product is 10x faster in resolving student queries related to IT and can automate personalized messages, handle multiple end users and is super low in implementation and maintenance cost.

2) Classroom Emergency App: This is an incessant alert app designed for the institution's faculty members and technicians. It empowers the faculty members to swiftly raise an alert to all on-site/on-call technicians for any query related to classroom issues. There are many advantages to this white labeled app assisting them in assigning tasks to technicians and analyzing the technicians’ performance.

Anyone can now assign a classroom issue with just a click of a button. This app can be customized as per the institution's requirement, monitoring live status of the request, quickly resolving issues such as projector not working, network down, desktop or laptop sound not working, etc.

3) Lexicon – Knowledge Management and Insta Alerts: Lexicon is a knowledge management platform, providing a knowledge base with information to resolve all IT problems. They are available on the cloud and can be easily located and accessed on any channel or device with just one click. Knowledgebase helps improve the agent’s productivity as they can both receive information from it and can contribute to it ensuring that the right answers are always available to the whole team.

One can publish and access the knowledge base available at the customer or partner portal or on the public customer community. They are well maintained, updated articles and should be leveraged for smarter decision-making.

4) Chatter – Live Chat: Live chat is a better way to support the students, staff, and faculty at all possible times. Chatter comes with a proactive chat, activity report, mobile app integration, and customizable chat window. With these features, one can embed chat feature on their LMS, portal and website pages for users to access live chat option anywhere and anytime. This helps user efficiency, reduced service costs and increase in revenue due to financial aid/admissions inquiry resolution.

5) Single Sign-On Solution: One of the most common problems for users is to remember their usernames and passwords. Remembering multiple username and passwords can be difficult, making up for 50% of the support calls related to password reset queries. Single Sign-On provides users with one username and password to login to all the website and software applications.

Along with this, Single Sign-On also offers portal integration, directory synchronization, secure authentication mechanism, password management, provisioning and de-provisioning, and many other features creating a one-in-all stop shop for major queries.

The Bottom Line Is

As an institution, you require a trustworthy help desk support. BlackBeltHelp help desk support is reliable and is tailor-made for IT support, Financial Aid, Admissions and Enrollment, Student Retention queries and services.

There is nothing better for an institution than to invest in an all-in-all custom-made unique technology which is also available round-the-clock to assist them in their hour of need.

BlackBeltHelp is currently servicing 200+ higher education universities and colleges across the United States of America. Learn more about here:

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