By Anjli Jain on 25 Nov 2018

Every institution has different techniques to raise students' engagement level. How those techniques help students to invest both psychologically and emotionally towards their growth and development is what matters. Studies show that the two most important factors driving student engagement are student’s personal characteristics and the resources the institutions provide. Students who are engaged show positive outcomes towards their learning experience with regular attendance, higher graduation rates and ultimately bag future employment cause of the pride they take in what they learn.

Looking at how technology has taken a major turn in the last century, it has become imperative for institutions to focus on the resources they provide. One of the acclaimed examples of a platform which offers higher education institutions various services to level up their student engagement is Unifyed. Supported by EVC Ventures, Unifyed is leading EdTech Company which provides a diverse range of applets to engage students, faculty, staff, and alumni making them more efficient in what they do. With a manifold of applications, it helps institutions create a complete mobile experience for the campus community which they can use for accelerating recruitment, improving retention, engaging alumni and simplify many other objectives.

Let’s look at the legion of services Unifyed applets has to offer:

- Classroom Emergency App is an instant alert app designed to empower the faculty members with the ability to raise an alert to all on-site/on-call technicians to help resolve classroom issues instantly. This app helps assign emergency tickets and enables admins to monitor the request status. Institutions can also customize their dashboard according to their needs and priorities, analyzing the technicians’ performance while they resolve the issues.

- Classroom Availability App allows one to manage their classroom spaces better, saving time to locate which rooms are available across the campus. This app is based on user-defined filters to locate the building and location, helping determine whether the room inventory matches the course requirements. Its intuitive UI interface offers an interactive drop-down menu with real-time and accurate search results avoiding any confusion.

- Financial Aid App helps digitize the financial aid process to automate application, verification and the awarding of financial aid. This eliminates any arduous and manual processes for students as well as institutions, driving faster student engagement. The students can check the eligibility criteria of the Federal Aid, their current financial aid application with a real-time status check thereby helping the students to see their award.

- Unifyed Registration is a mobile-first app built for students to register for classes from any device, mobile, desktop, and tablet simplifying the process to select the classes and make payment on-the-go through the applet. It’s best-in-class student registration system hosted on the cloud for a higher uptime and student convenience, allows students to add/drop classes for the term, avoiding any offline application process. This way the students are not dependent to physically visit any departments and can check the progress of their application anywhere and at any given point in time they want.

- Unifyed Finance improves student services with an automated, mobile and web-friendly solution for the staff to manage student finances and broadcast information.

- Unifyed Jobs is exclusively built for employers to reach, engage and recruit college students and recent grads for an internship, part-time and full-time jobs. Its unique targeting technology ensures that only the candidates who are targeted can see and apply for the job. Employers can also view real-time data and analytics dashboard to trach the job posting’s reach and results across college and student demographics.

Apart from the applets mentioned above, there are many more apps such as Food Ordering, Books, Wallet, Campus Safety, Academics, LMS Module, Give To which comes in handy to promote how students interact, facilitating a unified and seamless user experience.

The Bottom Line Is

When a college/university focuses on developing strategies for a better student engagement, it targets behavioral, emotional and cognitive engagement. Unifyed Student Engagement Apps incorporate how students like to receive notifications in a manner they feel comfortable, with an immediate feedback that enhances self-efficacy. It is important for higher education institutions to provide students with a well-organized experience which can boost up their learning experience thereby helping them to develop both academically and as an individual.

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