4 Ways To Establishing A Student-Centric Institution

By Anjli Jain on 20 June 2018

Institutions around the world are under the pressure of controlling the drop in the enrollment rates and increasing retention numbers. Along with this, they are also pressurized of managing institutional image and leading in the fierce competition. But the prompting question here is; how? Can sole implementation of cutting-edge technologies help an institution to lead in the business? Let’s know!

I would say, one thing that an institute can consider is; think like a student. I know it is easier said than done. Thinking like a student requires a major shift from the traditional approaches to the more advanced ones. This even gets trickier when one has to take cues from the enrolled students around new implementations or enhancements. Nonetheless, every effort is supposed to pay off well. Focusing more on the student-centric approaches will intensify the student enrollment and retention rates, further leading to sustainable long-term goals.

However, beginning can be challenging and especially, knowing where and how to start can be challenging for many institutions. Let’s know how an institution can focus on establishing a student-centric campus by figuring out answers to these questions.

Q1) Are you able to connect with the latest technologies and provide students with resources in ways students would like?

What is the fun behind implementing latest technologies, if in the end, students are not going to benefit from it? 80% of internet users own a smartphone, but do you think it will be helpful if your website is not optimized for mobile devices? How about including a mobile application for learning and getting updates around the campus, don’t you think it will be a great help for the students? Along with this, universities must consider other minute yet crucial aspects as well. For example, knowing how approachable you are when a student needs you and how well are you interacting with the students on the social media platforms. All these might not come up to your mind until you start thinking like a student. These are a few things which a student expects from a modern institution.

Q2) Are you still working per “one-size-fits-all” learning techniques?

We all know that every student is unique and works at a specific pace. Thus, universities must consider giving up on their ‘one-size-fits-all’ learning techniques and focus more on personalized learning. Collecting data around the students and providing the required help is a far better approach to ensure students' growth & progress. Providing personalized learning options and content to the students, when required, can have a positive impact on the student engagement and retention rates.

Q3) Are you able to bridge the communication gap with your students?

Responding to the student’s requirements and helping them with their queries instantly is important. Along with incorporating personalized learning sessions, institutions must ensure that they are easily approachable and have a dedicated HelpDesk support system, being able to assist students 24X7. Such initiatives will help students to have trust in the functioning of the institution.

Q4) Are you helping students with employment?

One of the best ways any institution can achieve high enrollment numbers is by showcasing their placement scores. Featuring graduates and their career stories can help institutions to attract career-oriented students. Institutions can feature the programs they run and the placement support they provide to the students, which will definitely increase the YOY growth of the institution. All these engagement activities play a crucial role in the overall success story of an institution.

The Bottom Line Is

Where students are on the outlook of innovative ways of learning, institutions must start taking notes on including student-centric ways in the system. A student-centric institution is able to provide better guidance, results, and an enhanced way of tech supported learning to the students, ensuring that it is meeting their expectations. What is your institution upto?

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