The Rise Of Microservices- Revolutionizing Education Sector

By Jay Khan on 21 May 2018

The insatiable urgency of speed, execution, flexibility, and scalability are some of the reasons why big names in the world of business are trying to get a hold of the latest technologies and I am sure you'll second that. Where meeting all the requisites seems to be a tall order, latest technologies take it as work done in a snap of a finger. I believe, having an IT infrastructure, which can withhold everyday changes without interrupting other streamlined processes is an ideal architecture-type every business must adopt today.

Microservices architecture can be broken down into multiple components so that each service can be deployed, tweaked, and then redeployed independently without affecting the integrity of the application. And, if you think it’s a lot, let me tell you, this is not something new. Microservices architecture has been used by many companies for more than a decade now.

Companies like Google, Netflix, eBay, Twitter, Uber, PayPal, Amazon, etc. have been using microservices for several years and these names are enough to justify what I am trying to say here. Howbeit, on the other hand, there are many who still baulk at the idea of adopting microservices, being unaware of the benefits it can bring to their businesses.

I know of many organizations, which are still under the spell of monolithic architecture, where one must break down the entire model to deploy a single change in just one part. On contrary, big tech leaders surely do not approve of that. Companies like Amazon and Google have been using microservices for serval years now. I remember reading an article stating, “Every time you search for a term on Google, it calls out to roughly 70 microservices before it returns your results.’’ Thought-provoking, right?

Benefits Of Embracing Unifyed Microservices Architecture

As a tech-focused Venture Capital firm, EVC Ventures noticed how such architectures can affect and impact the growth of the HigherEd space. Aiming at building a new and a user-friendly environment, EVC Ventures backed Unifyed, a leading EdTech venture to build an exclusive microservices platform to keep up with the demands of the future. Let us know how.

- Microservices architecture ensures better student engagement. With the help of Unifyed microservices architecture, institutions can now boost their overall environment with the inclusion of advanced features built on agile technologies. This will help in improving the overall user experience and student engagement.

- Microservices architecture helps developers understand services with ease, unlike monolithic architectures, where one must go through every part of a complex structure. Thus, easy addition of these latest technologies for the benefit of the users is attainable with Unifyed microservices.

- Faster resolution to faults is possible with Unifyed microservices architecture. It is easy to work on a single part than working on the entire structure altogether. Hence, it helps institutions save time and come up with quick solutions to user-specific problems.

- Microservices architecture does not interrupt the working of other services. Due to the isolation of different components, the fault in one won’t affect the working of the other. Hence, this fault-tolerant design provides institutions with a reliable and scalable architecture which helps meeting institutions' high standards and SLA criteria.

- With the help of microservices architecture, easy replacement of old services with technologically advanced solutions is possible. It can be done without interrupting or changing the entire setup, thereby, ensuring a seamless inclusion of latest services for a better student learning experience.

The Bottom Line Is

Today where many leading organizations are all set to lay hands on the latest technologies, I believe it’s time for the education sector to bring its A-game on. Institutions must take a closer look at the everchanging technological landscape to upgrade themselves and enhance the overall experience of its stakeholders. Unifyed microservices architecture is undoubtedly a promising platform for institutions to ensure a better learning experience. Have you tried Unifyed Microservices yet?

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