Protect, Provide and Preserve with Unifyed Bluelight Campus Safety

By Jay Khan on 13 Dec 2018

Looking back there has been way too many incidents which have placed the lives of college students at risk. 2014 statistics showed that 19% of full-time students were victims of crime in 2014 -15 academic year with major concerns of female students who were victims. The statistics show that 1 out of every 4 college women are harassed and 1 out of every 22 college students experience a crime.

Although universities take every possible precaution to prevent the crimes and to protect students from anything which can put their lives at risk, in and around campus facilities, it may still not be enough when their security comes into question. Discovering how the numbers have been increasing each year where students may have suffered from certain incidents that have led them to depression, higher education institutions are adopting a more student-centered approach to safety, helping the students to keep themselves secure by using smartphone apps which are always easily accessible.

A survey shows that approximately 90% students use smartphones on campus, which makes it easier for colleges to implement different methods for alerting the students, campus security, and police in case of emergencies through emails, texts etc.

Unifyed, supported by EVC Ventures, is a leading EdTech company focused on creating a mobile and digital campus experience in the higher education space. With the increasing occurrences where students’ safety has been in question, Unifyed developed a Bluelight Campus Safety applet which students can rely on to protect themselves.

What is Bluelight Campus Safety Applet?

Bluelight Campus Safety app was formed for students to use in times of emergencies. This applet helps students to alert campus police and security and the guardians about their exact location by tapping on the Bluelight icon just once. It also promotes a rapid call-for-action, unlike the other traditional Bluelight phones which can be replaced easily.

To make it more easy and useful for students Unifyed placed additional features in the applet such as:

- Multiple Modes of Alert: This feature helps students to alert the campus police using the Bluelight applet through various modes like app notification, SMS, and Email in case of emergencies. This feature makes sure that even when the internet is not working the message reaches the security on time.

- Add Emergency Contact: It can be difficult remembering the emergency contacts like contact numbers of guardians. This makes it vital that the important numbers in addition to the campus police are always saved at the top of the emergency contact list so they can be notified and alerted at all times without the students having to remember them.

- Emergency Services: Contact details and addresses of nearby hospitals and police departments are available in the campus safety applet so the students do not have to worry about such details.

- Improved Response Time: Emergency alerts always require an immediate response with no time to be wasted. Bluelight Campus Safety applet reduces the response time for alerting emergency services promoting a safer campus environment.

The Bottom Line Is

There is no incident or crime which should be taken lightly. Every action which can put a student's life in danger should be treated with high importance. Students should know that the Unifyed Bluelight Campus Safety applet was built for their protection which they can always trust in times of trouble. The campus safety applet can do a lot more than just pepper spray. Students do not have to rely on anyone. They should always remember that their security lies in their hands first and it’s important that they know how.

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