A New Wave Towards Digital Transformation

By Jay Khan on 4 Dec 2018

It was not too long ago when digital transformation seemed to have affected the world at large. Its impact was not limited to businesses and organizations but played a big role in everyone's life. Upon researching on how big a part digital transformation played in the higher education space, we realized that there was no longer a place or an option for universities to keep doing their work the old way as 'innovation was now a prerequisite for survival'.

A survey shows that at least 50% of the university leaders, students, and EdTech founders expect the traditional university model to be disrupted by 2025. Some of them even consider the disruption to take place within the next two or three years. Another survey showed that 9 out of 10 university leaders expect digital transformation to disrupt the university model by 2030. With all the demographic and technological changes taking place, HigherEd has been under pressure with the intensifying competition between institutions and students, demanding greater access to mobile and cloud-based applications.

EVC Ventures, as a technology-driven Venture Capital fund, saw the gap institutions faced to provide students with a digital campus platform limiting their technological advancement. With this in mind, EVC Ventures supported Unifyed, a leading EdTech company to build a one-in-all platform which could help universities and colleges with a highly intuitive and rich digital campus experience for students, staff, and faculty.

The goal was for Unifyed to increase conversions while strengthening the institutional credibility and brand status thereby improving user satisfaction thereby saving the institution's time and money.

Unifyed - Helping Transform Institutional Digital Standing

One of the most important platforms for driving digital transformation is by targeting both ways of communication - on the web, as well as mobile. Let us look at the three main platforms which Unifyed offers to cover HigherEd digital requirements:

1) Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus – It equips institutions with a customizable mobile solution as it integrates new mobile technologies into their student communication plans and strategies. It empowers them with next-level features, offering many boundless possibilities for customization, outreach, and messaging. The list of features within the mobile digital campus is endless, starting from:

- Integrated Student Experience which integrates academic and non-academic events/activities beyond the classroom and immerses students in the community.

- Customization & Branding is intuitive, easy to use platform tailored to fit any institution's branding while providing a customized experience to the stakeholders.

- Updates & Notifications is a mobile app which provides a way to send out broad communications for campus events, alerts, and other highly time-sensitive information.

- Mobile Integration is available with leading ERP/SIS, LMS and email platforms to give students access to the timetable, schedule planner, to-dos, assignments, exams, course schedules, student digital wallets etc.

2) Unifyed Web Digital Campus - An effective digital platform to help attain a complete digital transformation on the web. It is created to launch an information-rich digital campus platform for students, staff, and faculty by providing the following:

- With the web digital campus, institutions now can customize their branding conforming to their predefined brand guidelines.

- Every major LMS, ERP/SIS, email and other critical enterprise apps can be integrated on the web digital campus to provide better access and accurate information.

- Cross-environment and cross-platform compatibility is available for every device including mobile, tablets and desktop. It also works on every operating system such as Android, iOS & Windows.

- It provides easy access to academic and non-academic data promoting student engagement in campus activities thereby improving student success.

3) Unifyed Messaging - It helps institutions send targeted messages, schedule messages in advance, assign authoring and approval permission across the institution. An important step to enhance digital transformation is by staying in touch with students by harnessing the power of messaging to drive better results and outcomes. Unifyed messaging offers exclusive features like:

- Creates personalized messages which are based on roles and locations which can take your communication to the next level as they create different messaging channels keeping in mind the user attributes like low attendance and past bills.

- Engages users by directing them in the Unifyed Messaging app by sending targeted messages to users on the topics they find most relevant.

- Provides institutions with a dashboard which controls the messaging channels and schedules messages defined by time, when they expire and how long they stay there.

Lastly, to drive better engagement, institutions can choose the notification option that reaches users when and where they are most likely to engage.

The Bottom Line Is

HigherEd needs to focus on developing their digital platforms if they want to compete and deliver extraordinary experiences to the students. Unifyed is helping the HigherEd institutions harness digital transformation by increasing the speed of delivery and cutting down on the operational cost. Emerging technologies are replacing what we used to know and are creating new demand in the market. Now is the right time to change and transform. Connect with Unifyed to get your own digital campus platform at www.unifyed.com

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