Mobile Technology Transforming Student Engagement

By Anjli Jain on 05 Feb 2018

Digital revolution discovered a path-breaking technology with the launch of smartphones, facilitating the expansion of global transformation in how we interacted. Being so easy to handle and travel with, the usage of smartphones grew rapidly so we could use it for multiple purposes including communication, social networking and search for data everywhere we go.

The other best thing that happened with the increased usage of smartphones was the evolution of applications. Today, we use apps for almost everything like business, banking, email, networking, education, hospitality etc. and there is no stopping to what we can do using this small device called the smartphone. With the growth of mobile applications, the education systems have advanced in the way it conducts learning for students. From learning management systems to day to day activity apps, universities are employing new ways to enhance the way faculty works, teachers teach and student’s study.

Technology adoption in higher education is growing at a high rate with new apps now available for communication and gathering information. A survey showed that at least 86% of undergrad students own a smartphone out of which approximately 50% students are reported to use the said device to complete their daily school work.

EVC Ventures, as a venture capital fund leading in technologies for higher education, believes that with mobile technology and learning applications academics are no longer limited to the classroom’s geographical boundaries. The use of mobile technology can provide educators what they were searching for, that is a need to offer more innovative and educative tools & techniques for students' growth. This goal enabled EVC Ventures to invest in companies which focused on helping boost student engagement on a daily basis through the use of mobile applications.

Here are few leading EdTech companies backed by EVC Ventures:

- BlackBeltHelp is a leading provider of help desk products and services for higher education institutions in the U.S To enhance the digital life at the campus, BlackBeltHelp offers universities and colleges with two mobile applications such as:

BlackBeltHelp Mobile App that allows faculty, teachers, and students stay connected with instant access to events, course listings, library, news, emergency alerts, directory, calendar etc. It also offers students get round the clock support for queries related financial aid, admissions, enrollment etc.

BlackBeltHelp Classroom Emergency App is an instant alert app designed for faculty members and technicians to quickly raise an alert when they require help for classroom related issues. This app helps on-site/on-call technicians get notified and helps them resolve the issues swiftly while analyzing the technicians' performance.

- Unifyed, a leading EdTech company, provides higher education with a single platform to rapidly launch a digital campus for mobile devices and websites, servicing more than 20 million end users today and has recently been selected by 30,000 education institutions as an engagement platform. Unifyed help institutions with a customizable, easy to execute mobile solution thereby transforming student engagement.

- QuickLaunch, an Identity and Access management platform offers its services to higher education institutions with QuickLaunch Mobile. This platform is utilized by the institutions to access more than 200+ pre-integrated public applets anywhere and at any given point in time. It ensures a seamless user experience irrespective of which device they were using and an uber security through its single sign-on technology.

The Bottom Line Is

This age is to grow forward with technology which is why policymakers should encourage the use of mobile technology in higher education as it can help enhance learning and engagement on the campus. Students are already adept with the use of mobile technology whether it be for shopping, transportation, social networking etc. Now is the time to focus on student outcomes and leverage new technologies to make education more accessible and adaptable to their students' needs.

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