Make Help Desk Your Faculty’s Best Friend

By Jay Khan on 22 Jan 2018

Faculty works very hard to provide all students with an education which is of high-quality, delivering them with all the essential tools and information for teaching, research, office resources, ensuring that they meet all the other institutional policies as deemed.

However, it is not unusual that colleges and universities can face a crisis anytime, with a sudden demand in technology, overlooking an IT staff turnover, leaving them in a mess to provide help desk support in time. Colleges and universities take IT support very seriously, as they are the central location for all questions, including on-campus computer issues, access to user accounts, password resets etc., supporting all network and applications.

The need to improve the game have made colleges consider outsourcing help desk services as a more strategic approach. Of course, the institution requires that all their tools, such as research software help, teaching aids, and communication tools, work seamlessly without causing trouble the students, faculties, and staff in any way. But there can always be more complex issues which may require Tier 2 level support.

After a thorough research, in the approach of help desk, BlackBeltHelp funded by EVC Ventures, lists down the most common issues which the faculty faces on a daily basis:

- Classroom issues are the most common ones including, ceiling/water damage, lights out etc.

- Facilities including bathroom, electrical issues can occur anytime and needs fixing without any delay.

- Graduation / Commencement

- New account setups

- Course shell unavailable or incomplete

- Available options within LMS courses

To help the faculty do away with these issues, BlackBeltHelp ensures that they receive utmost attention always, providing them with resolutions through:

- Specialized Tier 2 Help Desk

- Classroom Emergency Mobile App

- Call Back Service

- Click to Call Service

- Auto User Identification

- Remote Screen Assistance

The Bottom Line Is

As the higher education industry is expanding, it needs consistent help desk support with growing intervention of technology in all walks of life. The faculty expects the same from help desk services to make their job easier, which in the end increases student satisfaction rate, providing everyone with a quick and swift response to their queries. Get BlackBeltHelp now!

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