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By Anjli Jain on 23 Jan 2018

What do you do when you need technical support but can’t find it at the time of need? What if there is a system breakdown and you don’t have enough support to fix the problem? This is not the first time we have heard about these problems. There are days, when the university may be bombarded with technical queries, with not enough staff to resolve the issues.

Lately, universities and colleges have started looking at outsourcing technical support to meet their needs, such as providing support to both the student and faculty members, answering to calls and emails, addressing the concerns and fixing the technical issues on time etc.

As the demand for outsourcing IT support increases so does the cost which comes along with it. Many education institutions find it difficult to keep up with the technological advancements and afford such expensive IT support they require on an everyday basis.

BlackBeltHelp funded by EVC Ventures wanted to bring forth a breakthrough in IT services to help the institutions receive maximum support without their budget shooting through the roofs. BlackBeltHelp, a global leader in Higher Education, believes that every company and institution aspires to invest in the right technology which can deliver value and help to build a future-ready IT environment. It provides universities and institutions with Outsourced Managed Services which could be leveraged for a variety of IT services, applying technology in the most effective and targeted way, and helping to navigate through the complexity of legacy systems.

Benefits of BlackBeltHelp Managed Services

1) ERP Managed Services: ERP services allow institutions to use a system of integrated applications which in turn helps to manage the business and automate all functionalities related to technology etc.

2) IT Infrastructure Managed Services: BlackBeltHelp IS assesses, builds, manages and transforms the whole framework with an eco-system and analytics approach. It determines the ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ state, to help the institution shift from traditional infrastructure outsourcing to new generation delivery models.

3) Microsoft Azure Migration and Managed Services: A comprehensive suite of services to set up, migrate and manage assets on Azure. The scope of BlackBeltHelp Managed Services includes disaster recovery, backup, server instances and business application workloads.

4) Amazon AWS Migration and Managed Services: BlackBeltHelp’s AWS solution provides several services starting from strategic roadmap to 24x7 online support. It has been designed to liberate the business from major roadblocks, such as cost and complexity of old data centers.

The Bottom Line Is

Outsourced Managed Services definitely frees up time for your IT staff, allowing them to focus on strategic operations and revenue-generating ideas. BlackBeltHelp also helps your business with after-hours queries, as it operates 24x7, 365 days a year, providing an increased efficiency with minimal downtime and reduced costs.

There are experts available to handle the queries, utilizing the latest technologies and give a solution to all your problems. You can now request a demo to learn more about the Managed Services here https://www.blackbelthelp.com/it-managed-services.html

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