Integration Made Easy With Unifyed

By Anjli Jain on 17 Jan 2018

Managing an IT environment with separate applications such as Student Information Systems (SIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be challenging and difficult to manage, and institutions may find it complex to track the data influencing students success. Every software and application used within an institution's IT environment is applied keeping in mind the big picture which universities use to forecast student outcomes.

A great example of this is Student Information Systems or Student Administration System, used by education institutions to manage student data. This data of students helps in registering students in courses, grading, transcripts, and assessment scores tracking their attendance and managing other student-related needs within the institution. SIS systems can simplify processes of a student’s lifecycle, from application to financial aid, to career services and online education by the maintenance of student data, recording communications with students, providing statistical reports to regulating reporting and reports for accrediting bodies and for many other purposes.

Similarly, there are other softwares which are as important as SIS systems for an institution’s growth. For example, an Enterprise Resource Planning software is a core for managing business processes and can be used to collect, store, manage and interpret data from the daily institutional activity.

In order to have reliable data for decision making, it’s important for the data to flow across all applications, which is why it is important for higher education industry to adopt a next-generation enterprise IT principle and integrate data and systems for future success.

Unifyed, a leading EdTech company funded by EVC Ventures built a platform to integrate with various softwares, applications, and protocols so that the universities and colleges can enjoy a seamless experience without any hassle. Unifyed integrates with a range of SIS and ERP systems, enabling the following benefits:

- Unifyed integration provides security for all data involved.

- It only extracts relevant and timely data while updating student activity and engagement information.

- The utility of campus applications that students use depends on the ability to extract and work with student profiles, course registrations, class schedules, grades among other aspects.

- Students need instant and continuous access to SIS systems for viewing and marking their attendance for registered classes, accessing their registration and financial aid information from the convenience of their laptop/desktop/tablet or mobile device irrespective of whether they are on campus or off campus.

- Through its range of technology and application adapters, Unifyed enables a seamless access and updating of relevant student information to provide the convenience and efficiency campus apps are expected to provide.

The Bottom Line Is

Unifyed platform does not just integrate with a number of applications but with every common and not-so-common app and software as it consists of a number of adapters which makes it easy to work through any protocol. It is critical for the education industry to utilize such advanced technologies in order to provide the students, faculty, and teachers with the best services possible.

If your institution is using Ellucian® Banner®, Colleague®, PowerCampus®, Jenzabar® PeopleSoft®, Workday®, Campus Management® or any other such applications, then Unifyed integration is for you.

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