Incident Management Has Never Been So Easy - BlackBeltHelp Proves How

By Anjli Jain on 10 Dec 2018

Students and faculty members come from all walks of life, engaging and aspiring to become the best versions of themselves. But what happens when there is an incident that can disrupt the institution's services to provide the students with a seamless environment to study and work.

Higher education has its own set of challenges which needs to be dealt with on a daily basis to maintain the demographics and culture of the institution. From new arrivals on campus, unplanned interruption to an IT service, antivirus errors, application login errors are few incidents/challenges that may impact the institution's environment, hence it is important that the security policies are kept up to date keeping the institutional infrastructure in check so they can be ready for any potential risk. This way they can respond to each incident quickly, promoting a coherent place to study, work and visit.

At EVC Ventures, we promote and encourage new platforms which can resolve and reduce these IT incidents within a given amount of time so the institutions and end users can work without any hassle.

BlackBeltHelp, a leading helpdesk service provider in the U.S, offers institutions and the end-users a 24/7 and after-hours support, to help manage IT incidents, service requests and tasks with a customizable ticketing tool, known as BlackBeltHelp SF Mobile, an incident management mobile application which improves and enhances customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, resolution rates and productivity.

BlackBeltHelp SF Mobile – How It Works?

The principle goal of BlackBeltHelp SF Mobile was to offer higher education institutions with a one-in-all platform to mitigate the impact of IT security incidents, identifying the sources and causes of IT security, protecting and preserving, ensuring that mobile app admins and onsite IT agents can handle all incidents responsibly.

Every user with a partner portal license to access Salesforce communities or Salesforce Mobile can use the SF Mobile and manage the tickets raised by students and faculty members for login issues related to classrooms, computer lab, email, enterprise resource system (ERP), learning management systems (LMS), facilities, mobile devices, network, portals, printing, software and telephonic etc.

With BlackBeltHelp SF Mobile app, universities and colleges are capable to:

- Capture, track and manage incidents, tracking their status with a workflow to reduce any sort of IT disruption.

- Prioritize and organize incidents and focus on critical issues such as outages/ emergencies in a timely manner.

- Set guidelines, automating incidents specifying the activities that need to be performed and auto-assigning the incidents.

- Escalating incidents and critical issues from first-level agents to the next level of the support team for resolving the issues in a timely manner.

- Obtain constant visibility of performance level, hot spots and critical issues with charts, metrics and, analytics.

The Bottom Line Is

As an important facet, the BlackBeltHelp incident management mobile app makes it easier for the administrator to access Salesforce on the go, as an extension of web browser portal and is available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. All incidents reported on SF Mobile app is immediately responded to without wasting any time. For more information visit:

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