Harness The Power Of Messaging With Unifyed

By Jay Khan on 13 Oct 2018

Social media has made a fundamental shift in the way we communicate today. With new devices launching every day, it has caused our conversations to go from a widespread broadcasted news to a more private tête-à-tête. Applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and many more, have surpassed the traditional social networking standards and have verged upon a hyper-connected behavior which has had an evident impact on how the students interact with each other every single day.

Online instant messaging for students as a communication channel is deemed popular amongst students and can be leveraged for many purposes, including student recruitment. Students seem to be more familiar with messaging applications and it encourages spontaneous responses which fits the lifestyles of the hyper-connected millennials. Students have formed groups on these instant messaging applications which helps them to circulate updates and notifications of class schedules, events, daily notifications etc.

Looking at the advancement instant messaging has made in the daily lives of students, it seems fit that HigherEd institutions also utilize the advantages of this new technology to stay in touch and to pass on important information with others at any given point in time. To do this, it has become crucial that HigherEd starts harnessing the power of messaging to drive better results and outcomes as they can face serious financial challenges if they fail to reach the students on time.

Unifyed, a leading EdTech company supported by EVC Ventures, created a messaging application which could get easily be deployed in an institution's environment, enabling the universities and colleges to send out targeted messages, scheduling them in advance, assign and authorize receiving permissions across the institutions and much more.

Unifyed Messaging offers HigherEd many benefits which can boost the student interaction and help them stay ahead of the technology gap with features such as:

- Personalized Messages - Not every communication is meant to be shared with the entire institution. It is important to be aware of the roles and locations when sending a piece of communication out. Unifyed messaging helps universities and colleges to create a message channel by defining user attributes such as past bills, low attendance etc.

- Scheduling Messages - With the Unifyed messaging dashboard, institutions can now have complete control of the messaging channel. This feature helps schedule messages by defining time, for how long the messages would stay visible for and the expiration date.

- Engagement - Usually applications are the best way to keep the user base updated with campus news and what’s happening around. This feature targets engagement by directing the users to the application and send them new and targeted messages on topics they may find relevant.

- Multiple Notification Options - Another aspect of driving student engagement is through reaching students with notifications where they are most likely to engage.

The Bottom Line Is

All these features were built and acted upon after doing a thorough research on how can the universities and colleges benefit out of them. When applied throughout the student lifecycle, it helps institutions build a friendly yet successful environment, which can make a student's journey more significant and accessible. There is a direct communication which comes in to play, leaving a positive influence and thereby increases efficiency. Are you engaging your students?

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