Go Mobile But Do It On Budget

By Jay Khan on July 7

We all know that digital transformation has had a big influence on our lives. We are living in an age where technology is at its zenith, relying on the developments we have made so far as humans, walking side by side with our future every single day.

Think about it, how much time do you spend in a day without using a computer, laptop or mobile phone? Or how long can you go without using them? Of course, we all must have given it a thought at some given point in time considering the impact it has made in our everyday lives. More importantly, we need mobile apps and devices which we can carry with us everywhere.

I believe that’s the best part of the digital transformation. It has given us the chance to engage, search and grow with knowledge as much as possible. The education space witnessed the most progress since the beginning of digitalization. Students don’t have to depend on just books anymore but can connect to the world at just a click of a button.

I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus Transforming Indian Education

The Indian education sector has been growing with the technology at hand, promoting mobile and online learning to shape the future of how teachers teach and students learn.

I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus program was launched in collaboration with Department of Telecommunications with a goal to enhance the learning process and student engagement by digitizing and facilitating information access. It supports the vision of a unified digital campus which can bring faculty, teachers, and students together thus empowering the education system in India to go beyond what is known. Premier universities, colleges, and institutions have chosen I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus to support and teach students the power of innovation in how they engage and facilitate accessibility on the go.

Funded by EVC Ventures, I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus has helped several higher education institutions such as, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, University of Delhi University, National Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Information Technology and many more to drive a better student engagement at zero cost, digitizing how they carry out several tasks like:

1. Each student now has a Timetable Mobile Application to guide them through classes and the schedule for the day. Students get notified instantly of any change in the activities or classes through the app and do not have to wait upon the faculty or teachers to inform them.

2. The official white label mobile app has yet another great feature, Student Wallet, to help students make transactions on the go. Paying canteen bills, purchasing online books and undertaking recharge has never been so easy from their college mobile app.

3. With an E Notice Board (digital notice board), students get live updates which keeps them updated on what is happening around the campus.

4. Standing in a long line every day to order food and pay cash can be a hassle. With digital canteen payments, one can order food with the click of a button from the app thus saving time and effort.

5. Any safety issues or hazards such as ragging can be reported immediately to the campus security without any delay through Anti-Ragging Helpline.

With more than 35,000 institutions, 20 million students and over a million apps, I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus promotes security, accessibility and identity on a daily basis, helping institutions with their day-to-day growth and development. The motto is to help these institutions “Go Mobile” at zero cost, innovate and think out of the box, revolutionizing the growth of startups who are technology driven. Institutions who are interested to be a part of this initiative of Digital Campus transformation at “Zero Cost” can apply here