The Era of Digitalization – Revolutionizing Higher Education In India

By Jay Khan on 22 June 2018

From the way the students are getting evaluated to the transformation of the traditional classrooms into digitized ones, technology is surely permeating every facet of learning. The introduction of cutting-edge technologies in the education sector is pushing the space towards digital disruption, catching eyes of many entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Today, every new technology is at our fingertips and the inclusion of the same in the education space inevitably ensures the provision of quality learning to the students. You might not think deep around this, but even children are watching their favorite cartoons and learning languages on the same device. That’s the bliss of digitalization in the education sector.

I believe that one of the biggest advancements the disruption in education sector aims at is exploring ways to make the learning more personalized and readily accessible. Institutions are on the road to assuring that the focus is on students’ needs and the eradication of 'one size fits all' learning system, eventually transforming old learning methodologies to personalized learning pedagogies. This will further help students to be technologically savvy and stay geared up for modern workplaces.

Attributing to some of the best colleges and universities around the world, India’s education sector is known for its excellence. Relying on traditional learning methodologies and yet incorporating latest technologies, the Indian education sector dominantly points toward a global progress. To support this vision and mission of Digital India, I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus joined hands with Department of Telecommunications, Government of India to help institutions and universities go mobile at ‘Zero Cost’. With more than 35,000 institutions, 20 million students and over a million apps, I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus is not just empowering these institutions but is also helping students turn ideas into revenue generating companies.

I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus & Its Benefits For The Universities

Digital Notice Board – With the help of I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus app, students can stay updated with all the important notifications. They do not have to physically go to the university notice boards and get information around a specific matter. This all is readily available on the app, helping students have a handy access to all important updates on their mobile phones.

Schedules On The Go – With just one click, students can get information about their scheduled classes on their mobile phones. If any student does not know about the next class or want to know about a specific class scheduled for any hour in the day, he/she can get all the relevant information right on the mobile phone. Making life easier!

Digitalizing The Cafeteria – Now students won’t have to wait in queues to get the food from cafeteria. One can simply order food on the app and save time.

Updated Curriculum – Students do not need to run behind faculty to know about the syllabus of a specific subject. They can get the entire syllabus for any subject with just a click on their mobile phones.

Reporting Safety Issues – With the help of I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus app, students can report any safety concern instantly. Any ragging or threat issue will be reported to campus security without any delay.

Digital Wallet – Students can go cashless now! They can pay their canteen bills, fee payment, books purchasing, etc. right from the official college mobile app. I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus provides white-labeled app for institutions.

The Bottom Line Is

Today, we can pay our bills online, pay for our meals through different payment gateways, book a trip from user-generated websites, and what not. And, trust me, we are used to it now. No one wants to step out of home and go to the market to buy anymore, they are happy ordering it online. Such a relief, indeed! Following the pattern, the digitalization of the Indian education sector seems like a must. Students deserve digital campus services to save time and move towards better future with upgraded resources in hands. I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus initiative is certainly revolutionizing the higher education in the best way possible.

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