Ensuring Better Student Engagement With Unifyed Mobile Solutions

By Anjli Jain on 6th Sep 2018

Education space demands timely changes to enable student growth and development. It may not seem like a big deal, however, it is not an easy task either. We all know that today students are not as involved and engaged as they should be and seek constant support to help them going with their grades and studies. We are living in the era where institutions are becoming dependent on technologies to ensure that students are as engaged as they must be. As the competition increases, every institution is thriving to incorporate cutting edge technologies to provide accessibility in every sphere of students’ lives. Notwithstanding, institutions must ensure that web technologies come handy along with online courses for the students.

Speaking about student engagement, it is all about the interest shown by students towards the current learning and teaching methodologies and, for institutions to uplift the retention rates, engagement comes across as the first priority. There are many challenges in front of us that are faced by the students on a daily basis. Many students struggle in balancing their jobs and education. Thus, to serve the same a lot of institutions have come up with initiatives to create a highly sophisticated and a reliable platform for a better student engagement.

Backed by EVC Ventures, Unifyed is one such platform that offers a mobile and digital campus to provide exclusive features custom-made for an interactive and engaging campus life experience for students, alumni, staff, and its faculty.

Unifyed ensures that the institutions are able to engage their students by creating an interactive web solution that uplifts student engagement and increases their retention rates.

Let’s know how Unifyed helps institutions with its web digital campus:

• Unifyed digital platform enables a new approach to student engagement and helps the staff to analyze the academic success rates.

• It provides the students with an easy access to all the important study material and helps them to stay updated about all the latest notifications right on their mobile phones.

• With the help of Unifyed digital platform, institutions have the flexibility to understand their uniqueness and strengths, enabling them to customize their personalized app to fit per their specific needs.

• Unifyed digital platform is an affordable digital campus solution as compared to other way outs available today, making it cost-effective alongside ensuring that it helps in meeting the needs of the institution.

• With Unifyed platform, students get the access to a seamless user experience across web and native mobile apps.

The Bottom Line Is

There is a lot happening today in the world of technology and it’s high time that the education sector leverages the same in the best way possible. Students must be able to learn while having an access to the digitized campus life, enabling easy access to all the important information. Technology must come as a bliss to students, where they can learn things with in the click of their fingers. Institutions must invest in building an environment which works towards similar notion and Unifyed is certainly among the best platforms for that. Have you tried Unifyed yet?

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