Education Is More Fun With Unifyed Studio

By Anjli Jain on 29 Jan 2018

For all those who are thinking what Unifyed Studio means, then let me first explain to you the reason which gave birth to this amazing platform.

Research shows that approximately 83% of adults, between the age group of 18 to 29, owns a smartphone. Of course, this age group also includes college students who carry smartphones as they like to stay up-to-date with the current industry trends. Apart from college students, working adults depend on their phones to complete their work, which in turn requires the involvement of several applications and websites.

The way smartphones have been designed to fulfill every need of an individual, gave rise to the continuous commitment for students to stay in touch with all friends, family members, teachers, and faculty. This, however, formed another superior need to have a list of numerous templates which could be used by the user to create end number of app or site anywhere at any given time.

Although we would like to address to what was seemingly transparent at the time, students were deeply engrossed in something which did not just give them the tool to create something extraordinary but build it, a platform, without coding. This meant that students could not only build applications but create hundreds of templates of uniform web and mobile platforms, which could be used and re-created as a website or an applet. These applications do not just have control over colors, fonts, workflows and administrative rights (for security), but the web content is live on the cloud.

It's Never Too Late

Listed above are just the basic requirements of students and working adults, which can come with major challenges and problems. Unifyed, an EVC Ventures funded company, saw the gap which existed in terms of self-sufficiency and independence, focusing on forming a new tool to develop and master a completely unique cross-mobile and web platform, known as Unifyed Studio.

Unifyed Studio is a unique platform delivering an integrated service to access a wide range of static and dynamic information. It consists of some exclusive features, for an interactive and engaging campus experience for prospects, students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Let’s discuss the top 4 most prioritized features of Unifyed Studio which can benefit the education system to grow and develop in an extraordinary way:

1) App Store: Provides a wide range of themes, applets, and templates to access which is custom-built for higher education institutions for both web and mobile campus and can beat any of yesterday’s normal app integration.

“ Why to re-invent the wheel when you can browse through hundreds of apps to find the one that fits your user requirement. It not only helps you with what you need but also saves you from a heavy budget”, says Jay Khan, Partner at EVC Ventures.

2) Site Template Builder: Administrators can now create and manage several website templates themselves. These templates come in handy as they can be used by the end-users to create a site by selecting any of the available templates. There is no need to create a new site template from scratch. It basically not just saves cost but also a lot of time.

3) Configuration Editor: As the term configuration means “an arrangement”, here it simply enables the administrator to configure or arrange various applets. This helps in the customization and editing of these applications, for instance, integrating RSS feeds, etc.

4) Emulator: Mobile and Web emulators reflect all the changes and updates made in real-time.

The Bottom Line Is

There are already over 30,000 universities around the globe who use Unifyed Studio. This platform has automated templates which can be picked easily by the said user and put into action without any further delay.

If your university is facing problems and challenges with applications, integrations and web content, then you should take a step forward into what the future will look like. What kind of platform will it be if it’s not something which is adaptive and can sense each user’s mobile device or browser, to fit the content easily with the used device, delivering a superior experience? To know more, please visit Unifyed Studio.

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