A Dramatic Shift In Student Engagement With Web Accessibility On Campus

By Jay Khan on 13 Mar 2018

Education is a space which requires timely changes to help students grow and develop to their full potential. It may seem like it’s not a big deal but it is not an easy task though. Think about it, students are not as involved and engaged as they should be and needs a support system which keeps driving them.

These days, educational institutions are becoming increasingly dependent on web technologies to ensure that their students are as engaged as they should be. Also, as the pressure grows to provide accessibility in every sphere of student’s lives, web technologies come in handy with a number of online courses and programs which can be offered.

The concept of student engagement is about the level of interest shown by students towards the learning and teaching methods. A survey by the National Center For Education Statistics showed that full-time college students spent 20-34 hours a week working with 8% working for up to 35 hours a week. This statistic proves that engaging students in a traditional educational environment is not as easy as it used to be, given their hectic schedule.

There are many challenges involved as students struggle between keeping their jobs and continue with their education. Many higher education institutions have taken up the initiative to meet a number of needs of the students, by building a highly sophisticated and reliable system.

Supported by EVC Ventures, Unifyed is such a platform which offers a mobile and web digital campus, delivering an exclusive list of features built for an interactive and engaging campus experience for prospects, students, faculty, staff, and its alumni.

Unifyed makes sure that the educational campuses can engage their students by designing an interactive web solution that enhances student engagement, safety and increases their on-campus presence.

Benefits Of Unifyed Web Digital Campus:

- This web digital campus lends a new approach to student engagement and enables the staff to envision an all-round academic success.

- It gives the students access to important study materials and encourages them to spend more time on campus.

- It has the flexibility to understand that each institution and department is different, helping them to customize the solution to fit their specific needs.

- It is a more affordable web digital campus solution as compared to other solutions which make it cost-effective, still ensuring it meets the needs of the campus.

- With its intuitive UI, students get seamless user experience across web, mobile, and native mobile apps.

Success Stories

Universities and colleges such as UT Austin University, New Mexico State University, Queensland University of Technology, University of Arkansas, Washington State University and many others are examples of successfully engaging their students on a day to day basis with Unifyed web accessibility deployed on campus.

The Bottom Line Is

It is the need of the hour to do more than usual. Now you can also initiate a change in your institutional environment for the betterment of your students by deploying solutions like this. Are you in? To know more, I recommend you should visit: http://www.unifyed.com/higher-education-web-student-portal/

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