Digital Campus Transforming The Future Of Higher Education In India

By Anjli Jain on Oct 25

The digital landscape is transforming everyone to become a lifelong learner, with education reaching its peak across India mostly through social dialogue, online learning and mobility. We are in an extremely interesting phase of witnessing some major movements in the Indian Higher Education space which is adapting and evolving with new technology and may shape the future of how institutions teach and students learn.

With the launch of Digital India Mission on 1st of July 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the doors to a bigger opportunity for the education system in India, helping institutions transform the country into a digitally empowered knowledge economy.

To support the vision and mission of Digital India Mission, I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus took an initiative in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunications and TCOE, Government of India to help institutions and universities go mobile at ‘Zero Cost’. Now with more than 35,000 institutions, 20 million students and over a million apps, I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus is not just empowering these institutions but is also helping students turn ideas into revenue generating companies.

Some of the premier Institutes and Universities who chose to go mobile with I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus are:

- Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
- University of Delhi
- National Institutes of Technology
- Indian Institute of Information Technology
- Visvesvaraya Technological University
- Gujarat Technological University
- Central University of Punjab
- Central University of Haryana
- Central University of Karnataka
- Maulana Azad Medical College

The goal of I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus program is to help colleges digitalize their resources and processes to derive better student engagement and help facilitate information access to students and faculties on the go. It is also designed to provide students training on different aspects of mobile app development to encourage entrepreneurship with a goal of building 1 million mobile app start-ups, some of which can eventually become unicorns.

How Do Universities Benefit From I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus?

1. E Notice Board: The white-label app for your institution includes a digital notice board for students and faculties to get live updates on their most used device i.e. smartphones. It is easy and comes in handy to circulate important updates on the go.

2. Student Wallet: Students can now pay their canteen bills, purchase online books and undertake recharge from their official college mobile apps.

3. Canteen Digitalization: No more waiting in line. Students can now order food from the campus canteen at a click of a button.

4. Anti-Ragging Helpline: Any cases of ragging or safety issues can be reported to Campus security through the app without any delay.

5. Syllabus: Gone are the days when you are uncertain and need to double check the syllabus with the faculty. Students can simply access the syllabus on their app.

6. Timetable: Don’t know which is the next class to attend. Now students can access their schedule on their mobile app.

I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus initiative is funded by EVC Ventures, a venture capital fund, focusing on helping growth stage startups who use innovation and technology to revolutionize higher education. Institutions who are interested to be a part of this initiative of Digital Campus transformation at “Zero Cost” can apply here.

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