I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus Expansion Trending in India

By Anjli Jain on 14 Aug 2018

Having completed two-years, I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus, an initiative taken up by EVC Ventures and Department of Telecommunications (DOT) and supported by Telecom Centers of Excellence (TCOE) has accomplished and achieved the goal to transform and facilitate digital information and accessibility in the current Indian education system.

This initiative was to digitize institutions across India and provide better infrastructure to students. Since inception, the framework has been trending like a fire to transform the education reformation in India.

Funded by EVC Ventures, I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus has helped several higher education institutions such as IIM Ahmedabad, University of Delhi University, National Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Information Technology and many others to drive a better student engagement at zero cost.

Since the inauguration on February 9th, 2016 I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus program was divided into three phases. Today, we will discuss how this program has successfully accomplished the goals in each phase:

Phase I

A 5-year framework, I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus program had a goal to help student entrepreneurs build 1 million mobile app start-ups which could eventually become Indian unicorns. Phase I of the program meant to close 10 institutions, however, 11 Indian institutions were selected for this program, including:

1. IIT, Delhi
2. IIT, Kanpur
3. IIT, Roorkee
4. IIT, BHU (Varanasi)
5. IIIT, Bhubaneswar
6. NIT, Delhi
7. NIT, Silchar
8. Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology
9. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow
10. Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women and
11. IIIT, Delhi

Phase II

Phase II of the program focused on selecting One hundred (100) institutions from all over the country. The expansion has been so tremendous that the program grew three folds closing approximately 350 institutions. Here is a list of the major components of the program:

- Start-up Hubs: Setting up of start-up hubs in major cities across the country.
- Entrepreneurship Development: Mentoring entrepreneurs in areas including writing an app, making business presentations to investors and developing viable business models.
- Appathons: Appathons to be organized across the country leading to mega App Fest annually and opportunity to visit Google & Microsoft HQs.
- Industry Connect: Interaction of entrepreneurs with industry professionals to enable real-time industry exposure and better problem-solving capabilities.
- Investor Connect: Opportunity for entrepreneurs to interact with investors to accelerate development of Indian start-up ecosystem through direct mentorship and raising of capital.

Phase III

The I-MADE Unifyed Digital Campus program is now in its final phase, targeting to onboard up to 35,000 institutions. With such fast growth of the program, there are many new features which have been added for the students to benefit from, such as:

- Cashless Campus or Mobile Wallet: This app makes transactions way easy and fun with QR code scanner or just paying directly through the application.
- Fee Payment: Now students can pay their fees without having to stand in long queues outside the finance department.
- Attendance: Students and teachers can keep a track of the attendance with a click of a button.
- Identity Provider: Identity provider is a new online service which will resolve all identity-related issues for Indian institutions. It has been missing and this will help to create one user identity which can be used to authenticate and authorize them to access a different set of information.
- ERP Modules: With the ERP modules, institutions can now view and cover end-to-end student lifecycle, which in turn will help them to analyze and plan on how to upgrade certain functionalities for students’ growth.

“I had never fathomed the success of our Unifyed India initiative would be so huge, but it is. The achievement of this initiative has come as a true example of how Indian universities and institutions have accepted the digital way and the dream to rise above the everyday practice and develop a new education system with innovation at its nucleus”, says Anjli Jain, Managing Partner at EVC Ventures.

No More Digital Gap

Manual activities and tasks which seemed normal before needed to change. That was the most important goal of this program i.e. to reduce the digital gap. Students can now simply use the I-MADE Wallet through their college’s official Android & iOS mobile app for daily transactions, receive money, parents can link their bank accounts to the wallet of their children and top-it up every time there is a requirement.

No more standing in long queues or waiting to receive money. One application is the answer to all your campus needs.

“This is one of the most common examples of digital gap which we saw and have been able to solve. This kind of solutions are disruptive in their own nature, with a potential to transform the entire system, and may even be prone to outgrowing itself”, says Jay Khan, Partner at EVC Ventures.

Innovation in Mobile App Development Ecosystem (I-MADE), opened new doors towards the digital India dream, striking right at the heart of the education framework which needed much support.

“TCOE India, Government of India strongly supports I-MADE's creation and nurturing of ecosystem for cutting edge & world class Apps development out of India”, says R K Pathak, Director, TCOE India.

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