Boosting Academic Excellence With Unifyed Mobile Apps

By Jay Khan on 11 June 2018

For every institution, engaging student by incorporating different techniques plays an important role. Undoubtedly, every institution wants the students to be active participants in classrooms instead of just being receptors of information. With the presence of different technologies, institutions can manage to invest in engaging the students and eventually, pushing them towards growth and development.

Students who fall in ‘engaged’ category have higher attendance records as compared to others and show higher graduation rates. If we look at the way technology took a major turn in the recent years, it is consequential for institutions to focus on ways it can help students with growth perspectives.

Unifyed is one such unique platform that offers higher education institutions various mobile-ready services to increase their student engagement. Supported by EVC Ventures, Unifyed is a leading EdTech company, which provides a diverse range of applets to engage students, staff, and alumni, thereby making them more efficient. With an impressive number of mobile applets, Unifyed succeeds in helping institutions with creating a complete mobile experience for the campus community. It can be used to increase recruitment numbers, improve on retention rates, and simplify other crucial objectives.

Let’s Look At A Few Services Unifyed Applets Offer:

Classroom Emergency App, helps faculty members to raise an alert for all the on-site technicians in case of technical emergencies. It helps in resolving the issues instantly without hampering the learning process and production. With the help of this app, emergency tickets are assigned to admins and they can monitor the status of the request. Also, the institution can modify their dashboard as per the needs while analyzing the performance of the technicians.

Unifyed Registration, an app built for students to register for classes from their digital devices, be it mobile, desktop, or tablet. No student would need to go through the offline application process for registering for classes anymore. Not only this, students can make online payments as well for the chosen/registered classes. Thus, Unifyed registration applet helps in reducing dependency of the students to physically visit departments and check the programs they want to get enrolled into.

Financial Aid App digitalizes the financial aid process, which helps in automating the application, verification process, and providing financial aid. This helps in eliminating the manual process of going through all the steps of the procedure, which ensures higher student engagement. The app enables students to easily go through the eligibility criteria and updated status of the submitted application.

Classroom Availability App helps in managing the classroom spaces in a better way. With the help of this app, locating rooms across the campus gets easier. The app has advanced features, where a student can go through different drop-down options and check if the inventory of the available room matches the lesson requirements. The interactive UI helps in avoiding any kind of confusion.

Unifyed Jobs, an app made for the employers to get in touch with college students or recent grads for jobs/internships opportunities. The app has a targeting feature that ensures that only the targeted students can apply for the job. Along with that, employers can also have a look at the data and analytics on the dashboard to look at the reach and results of the job postings.

Food ordering, digital library, wallet, academics, LMS Module, and campus safety are a few more apps that come handy to the students, ensuring a good user experience.

The Bottom Line Is

Unifyed Student Engagement Apps help students to have access to information in the way they would like, ensuring better engagement. The provision of sought information and resources on mobile apps ensures the withdraw from tiring offline procedures, thereby providing students an engaging experience. All such apps boost-up students’ learning experience and help them excel in academics as well as an individual.

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