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By Anjli Jain on 17 Nov 2018

Have you ever considered why one university is better than the other? What is it that makes a school elite? In case you were wondering whether your institution falls under the category of ivy league schools or where you currently stand in the global educational race then these are the questions you should be asking yourself:

- How strong is your trajectory and how do you plan to maintain it?

- Are you updated with the constant changes in the environment affecting your students?

- How are you planning to upgrade your services on an international level?

- Would you be able to manage the increasingly complex internal structures which are constantly changing?

These are few questions that may help and guide you to understand the path you should walk on for your institution’s growth. According to a survey which interviewed institutional leaders of 27 large sovereign wealth funds, found that there was a strong desire to construct an institutional portfolio using a more strategic approach.

BlackBeltHelp supported by EVC Ventures points out top five help desk services which every institution should adopt and deploy in their institutional infrastructure:

1) Outsourcing Managed Services – Every institution aspires to make the right technology investments to deliver value and build a future-ready IT environment. BlackBeltHelp provides a wide range of IT services helping institutions to apply technology in the most effective and targeted way navigating them through a complexity of legacy systems thereby enabling them to innovate. With the managed services, institutions receive:

- ERP Managed Services allowing them to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services and much more.

- IT Infrastructure Managed Services based on the assessments which build, manage and transform framework backed by an analytics-led approach, determining the ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ state, enabling the institution to seamlessly shift from traditional infrastructure outsourcing to new generation delivery models.

- Microsoft Azure Migration and Managed Services provide a comprehensive suite of services for setup, migration, and management of assets on Azure. The scope of services includes disaster recovery (DR), backup, server instances and business application workloads.

- Amazon AWS Migration and Managed Services offer strategic roadmaps to an ongoing 24×7 support and is designed to liberate the institution from major roadblocks, cost, and complexity of old data-centers.

2) Student Help Desk Support – Outsourcing help desk support to provide students services managing admissions, enrollments, financial aid, registrar, student accounts, housing and health services. This helps institutions to cut down on the time spent by the students standing in long queues or running from one office to another seeking help. It provides students all the help they need for processing applications, registering for classes, academic advising, applying for financial aid etc. This is a must-have service elevating institutions to become future-ready and offering students guidance & help through one common help desk.

3) Financial Aid Services can re-define a student's financial aid support for higher education by supporting student/parents through the entire financial aid process until award acceptance. By outsourcing the financial aid services, the institution benefits from:

- Around-the-clock support to financial aid applicants

- Reduction in wait time, call-backs, and complaints

- Boosts student satisfaction

- Accelerate financial aid processing

- Reduction in heavy workloads during peak period

An institution may not always have enough IT staff answering calls 24/7 for student queries regarding financial aid which is why BlackBeltHelp financial aid help desk service supports the entire process through a multi-channel communication for the students and the family.

4) Admissions and Enrollment Services helps institutions advance their admissions process to grow the number of students they enroll at a much lower cost. Many a time, the institutions may not have enough staff which can be a major challenge to support and serve the students. Outsourcing services from a highly specialized contact center like BlackBeltHelp can help deliver a sustainable service level and student satisfaction. How this works:

- BlackBeltHelp admissions and enrollment support provides institutions with round-the-clock inbound/outbound queries

- Reduces call abandon rate to less than 2%

- Students get their calls answered with 60 seconds which is the average answer time

- Shrinks financial aid operational costs by 40%

5) Student Retention Services helps institutions to assist the students with one-on-one attention so the students don’t fall behind and are able to find help when they most need it. Student retention services act as a liaison between students and faculty/staff/campus administrators. Research shows that each year over 1.2 million students drop out of college. 60% of all bachelor’s degrees are awarded to transferred students from a different institution. Looking at the rate at which students are dropping out, it becomes very important to ensure that students are motivated and engaged with their coursework, reaching their milestone thereby successfully graduating.

The Bottom Line Is

There are many areas of education which we may not consider as a priority but they are what makes an institution excel and deliver the best experience thereby making them an ivy league college or university. How much attention does an institution pay to fulfill the students’ requirements and their growth is what makes them stand out on a global level.

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