7 Reasons Why Help Desk Support Should Adapt Artificial Intelligence

By Jay Khan on Oct 27

A centralized help desk management team acts like a backbone of a successful business. Without the aid of IT help desk support, the entire organization is left to dig for information themselves which can be time-consuming and disappointing. Even after setting-up a successful help desk support team, many organizations fail to deliver the expected experience, resulting in underutilized support team. To provide a seamless result, these organizations are adapting Artificial Intelligence for help desk support which makes the end-users journey much easier and make them better equipped to work through and resolve queries in an effective manner.

In the era of scientific innovations, Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize not just how clients receive support from IT Helpdesk but also how they are able to provide enough support to themselves through self-serviceability features.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence For IT Help Desk

Funded by EVC Ventures, BlackBeltHelp is a leading provider of help desk products and services for higher education institutions in the United States of America. With Artificial Intelligence and chatbot technology, BlackBeltHelp has proven that AI can make life a great deal simpler.

BlackBeltHelp Artificial Intelligence helps to overcome IT hurdles and provide consistent self-service answers with an automated chat support platform. Let’s see how:

1. Study shows approximately 20-50% of helpdesk calls are about password reset. With Artificial Intelligence, the helpdesk support team can respond to a hefty portion of these calls without investing the team’s energy. BlackBeltHelp’s AI product for password reset aims to assist in managing the daily flux of password reset issues with automated, instant and personalized responses.

2. Customer service is all about convenience, which means it should be active and ready to help at any given time of the day. The most convenient and cost-effective way to provide 24/7 customer support is through a never sleeping chatbot. BlackBeltHelp’s round-the-clock AI based chat bot helps institutions deliver instant support to their users while improving their experience.

3. Nobody likes to wait or go through the endless circle of email strings, voicemails and filing help tickets. BlackBeltHelp Chatbot deploys AI within the customer ticketing interface, recalling comparative customer situations from the archived tickets and respond to user queries at the speed of light.

4. AI driven bots excel at collecting customer data from previous support interactions thus measuring how high or low is the user engagement. BlackBeltHelp Ninja also scale student support and draw actionable insights from support metrics to make better decisions.

5. Artificial Intelligence can be used to build relationships. BlackBeltHelp’s IT Bot can be customized to extract user information automatically from the database and use it to send a simple email or text on a customer’s birthday, or a quick check-in to ask if they are satisfied with the services.

6. Most of you may not be aware but the cost of adopting AI for IT Support can help you reduce your cost tremendously. BlackBeltHelp Artificial Intelligence IT product is cost-effective and can be easily integrated within minutes.

7. AI helps chatbots recognize customer frustration, keeping the calls shorter and responses to the point. It also helps to send real time alerts to the users and increase enterprise level security.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way to elevate customer service experience, transforming IT Support to be interactive, quick in response with no documentation getting lost in transition, all the information being available at finger tips and low in maintenance. Additionally, AI gets smarter by the day to enable organizations to amplify speed and efficiency.