Accelerate Your Enterprise Accessibility With Single Sign On

By Jay Khan on 18 Mar 2018

A very important feature of the identity and access management marketplace is Single Sign-On (SSO), attracting the users to connect to multiple applications thereby authenticating them with a single click of a button. It hasn’t been very long since SSO came into existence and even though there were numerous challenges faced during the first wave of the traditional SSO, which consisted of many complexities in the infrastructure, IT resources moved to the cloud to extend SSO solutions beyond just web applications.

The reason why separate passwords are used to access the software and application is to protect and secure the enterprise's data log from hackers and cyber-criminals, which is why passwords are supposed to be strong. Looking at the risks and failures in the last few years with Yahoo losing over 1 billion passwords and Dropbox losing 68 million in 2012, secure login played a valuable part to solve a bagful of common business problems.

Keeping up with the digital transformation, EVC Ventures identified many challenges faced by enterprises and institutions when seeking secure access to the daily applications which are in use. To help them make the best use of this opportunity, EVC Ventures helped QuickLaunch, a cloud-based self-service Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform, to make use of the legacy technologies, in order to help enterprises and institutions be more productive and deliver new experiences to the customers.

Simplifying how end-users login to the applications they use during their daily business hours, helps resolve many problems, which is what QuickLaunch focuses on providing to the enterprises.

Here’s how QuickLaunch Single Sign-On accelerates your enterprises’ accessibility:

- Strengthens Security: Single Sign-On using one username and one password rule to login to multiple applications, protects users with an enhanced security, authenticating them through multi-factor authentication.

- Federation across multiple applications: With QuickLaunch SSO, one can ramp up secure access to apps by giving the end-users federated access using a single sign-on password. This helps put an end to practices such as writing passwords on notepads, diary etc. thereby decreasing huge security vulnerability.

- Flexible Integration: QuickLaunch SSO supports common authentication standards like SAML, CAS etc. thereby achieving a standards-based authentication.

- Self-Service: Admin has the control over which user should get access to what apps. They also can add applications, change passwords, create a platform using their company or institution's branding. QuickLaunch helps them to be independent and do things by themselves and not dependent on the IT helpdesk.

- In-Built App Suite: QuickLaunch SSO comes with a huge in-built application suite for enterprises and higher-ed institutions. From Salesforce, Box, ADP, Dropbox etc. there is one-click access to literally any application which you may need for work.

- Cost-Effective: Wouldn’t you want to minimize your company’s cost by cutting down on things you don’t need. With QuickLaunch SSO, you pay for what you use through the license manager and also reduce on password reset calls as the platform makes you self-independent, offering your business with everything it needs with a single sign-on solution.

- Mobile & AI-First: To keep up with the digital world, QuickLaunch SSO can integrate with any device, be a desktop, laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet. With the AI-first approach, QuickLaunch SSO is created for enterprises to help them be more agile and smart.

The Bottom Line Is

SSO may not be the end to all the problems faced by a company but it does help to strengthen security, increase productivity, cut down additional costs at each and every level and is gaining popularity at an incredible way for both small and big enterprises.

QuickLaunch has helped many institutions and businesses to centralize their management of authentication, enabling users to perform their duties by implementing a single sign-on solution which helps them login to shared applications as and when they need. For more about QuickLaunch awesome products info visit:

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